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Physical Therapy:

The physical therapy offered at South Bay Wellness center is a holistic style of physical therapy. It is a program that is in complete alignment with the philosophy of the wellness center in that it takes into consideration the WHOLE person, not just segments or parts of a person.

All treatment sessions last 45 minutes and are one-to-one, which gives the client the undivided attention that they need to optimize recovery and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle.

A full evaluation is performed at the client's initial visit to determine which treatment program is most appropriate. Evaluations include a postural assessment, strength and range of motion testing, and assessment of soft tissue and joint integrity.

After the initial evaluation, each session predominantly consists of a variety of manual therapy techniques (depending upon the client's individual needs) including:

 Muscle Energy Techniques
 Maitland and Mckenzie methods
 Myofascial Release
 Adverse Neural Tension Techniques
 Joint Mobilization
 Medical Massage
 Yoga-inspired therapeutic exercise programs

Treatments are very relaxing, gentle and effective. Some conditions treated are:

Chronic or acute back pain  
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic or acute neck pain Adhesions
Headaches or migraines Carpal tunnel
Fybromyalgia Jaw pain (TMJ)
Herniated discs
Whiplash Frozen shoulder
Painful scars
Plantar Fascitis
Sports injuries
Women's health issues
Acute or chronic joint pain Decreased range of motion
Postural Dysfunction Decreased Flexibility

The results of treatment typically include: decreased pain; improved posture and alignment; increased energy and endurance; increased productivity; increased body awareness; and increased flexibility, mobility and strength. The ultimate goal is to teach the client to become independent in managing their pain, which enables the client to reclaim their own health.

Suffering with physical pain can negatively effect every aspect of a person's life and well-being (including work/career; mood and mental health; relationships with friends and family; productivity and energy levels; fitness and physical health; and one's ability to enjoy life in general.) Therefore, utilizing holistic physical therapy to address physical pain and dysfunction is a very important aspect in achieving overall wellness.

For more information call Michelle at 1-855-55B-WELL ext. 109.

Fees are often partially or completely covered by out-of-network insurance. Michelle will contact your insurance company to determine exactly what your out-of-network insurance benefits are for physical therapy services. 

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